PAHAN SILU 2019 fundraiser dinner dance


 We plan to hold fundraising dinner dance, Pahan Silu 2019, on April 6th, 2019, at Hilton Los Angeles, in Glendale, California. 

Our projects for the fundraiser are as follows

  •    Vocational Training for Sexually Abused Orphaned Teenage Mothers 
  •   Scholarship Project                                                                      

Vocational Training for Sexually Abused Orphaned Teenage Mothers

Provide funds necessary for vocational training, medical needs, counselling for a home, in Embilipitya Sri Lanka, which houses sexually exploited teenage mothers from the age of 10-18 years along with their infants. This home has 18 resident teenagers and 12 infants and  at this time.  6 are pregnant. 

These young girls were victimized due to poverty, death of parents, mothers  gone abroad for employment, fathers addicted to drugs & alcohol and lack of parental guidance & protection.  Dishonesty & merciless acts of adults  ruined these young lives.  

Our goal is to help rehabilitate them so they can return to society as productive citizens. Estimated cost $20,000/.

Home, in Embilipitya  Sri Lanka

Scholarship Project

 Provide scholarships to Visakhians with financial difficulties from grade 11-13. Estimated cost $5,000/.